B.C. Lance wrote:
> hm... how about sticking couple of iframes that will load the piece of 
> javascript and have each of the javascript in the iframe firing at 
> different time? i suppose at least 1 copy of javascript will be there to 
> do the intended work.

I realize I was being obscure :) BTW, the solution was obvious, I'll 
better explain what I am doing.

This is a "loader" utility that is put instead of the index.php script 
to configure a session by understanding what kind of client is calling, 
so it's very generical software that is shared among many a project.

In short, what index.php does is:
    1) accept command line parameters (and the docs referrer) that are 
received and stock them somewhere for later use
    2) sets a test cookie
    3) generate a page that shows "loading..."

javascript in this page verifies user configuration (screen, java 
enabled, platform etc) and stuffs this data into a hidden form then 
sends it back to index.html where data will be used to understand 
whether we can rely on jscript and cookies within this session.

*The problem was here*. What if this second step fails? easy, I just 
leave the META as is and stock previous data on a session during the 
first execution of index.php

At this point index.php knows all it needs to fill in cionfiguration 
data and it just includes the real home page. From now on we will be 
able to tailor channelling (that is, cookies or not, jscript or not) 
without reasonable doubts. Yes, the user *may* change it's configuration 
during the session, but this is very low percentage of cases and we can 
live with it.

Well, that's the most general part of it. But at least it's clearer.




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