yes. now its clearer. hm... but i can't think of submitted the 
information if javascript is off on the client browser. unless you stick 
in a button telling the user to hit it if the page do not bring him to 
another after a specific timing. a button probably don't look 
presentable. use an image as the input type. that will probably brighten 
up the page.

in short, what i mean is let the user do the submit if javascript fails.

an image of brintney spear and a text on it telling the user to click on 
  sounds appealing to you? ;)

b.c. lance

Alberto Serra wrote:
> Привет!
> *The problem was here*. What if this second step fails? easy, I just 
> leave the META as is and stock previous data on a session during the 
> first execution of index.php
> At this point index.php knows all it needs to fill in cionfiguration 
> data and it just includes the real home page. From now on we will be 
> able to tailor channelling (that is, cookies or not, jscript or not) 
> without reasonable doubts. Yes, the user *may* change it's configuration 
> during the session, but this is very low percentage of cases and we can 
> live with it.
> Well, that's the most general part of it. But at least it's clearer.
> пока
> Альберто
> Киев

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