Jeremy Bowen wrote:
> Hey,
> I have looked in PHP manual but I cannot seem to find what I am looking for.
> I have a very large form that I need to be able to mail. I just don't want
> to have to code all of the field into my mail() function.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy


*IF* the form is only to be mailed, and no other action shall be taken 
on the data it contains, you can use CGI processing instead of calling 
PHP. Can't remember the name of the call now, but there is something 
like that on every site.

*IF* you also want to process data *AND* mail it, you will have to to 
build the $body mail function or do some tricky things to have a second 
copy of your form built in a self-closing entity (DHTML can do that) 
which will perform the CGI action while your PHP script takes care of 
processing the original form.

Usually is much quicker to code the mail body. It depends on the context 
you are in.



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