Hi all,

Call me crazy if you want but I'm programming Haskell Code in PHP :-). I 
need some help to find a way to implement the Haskell flip function. Let 
me introduce flip:

Flip receives two arguments: arg1 and arg2
arg1 must be the name of a function taking two arguments, name it f(x1,x2)
arg2 is any variable

Flip returns a function taking one argument, name it g(x), if you
call g(foo) then the result will be the same as calling f(foo,arg2).

function add($x1,$x2) {return $x1+$x2;}
$newfunc = flip("add",23);
$result = $newfunc(12);
// $result should be 23+12

I've tried with create function, for example:

function flip($f,$arg) {
   return create_function('$y','return '.$f."($arg".',$y);');

But if you use flip("foo",$o1) where o1 is an object then it won't work.

There should be some workaround using references and who knows what... 
but I'm too old to find it, ideas?


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