> I've tried with create function, for example:
> function flip($f,$arg) {
>   return create_function('$y','return '.$f."($arg".',$y);');
> }
> But if you use flip("foo",$o1) where o1 is an object then it won't work.

Never tried that on Haskell coding, but it did solve most of my trouble 
with objects:

function &flip(&$f,&$arg) {
    return create_function('$y','return '.$f."(&$arg".',$y);');



I guess you will need same experimental work (and a lot of patience), 
but once you can fix the root problem usually everything else goes okay.

Just watch out for null returns. If you return an unassigned variable 
from an object member the most fantastic things begin to happen. And 
before reinstalling PHP from scratch (and exploring all of the 4 letters 
words you can think of) you should really check that you just simply did 
not end over an unassigned variable :)




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