I think I'm going to forget trying to explain the technical details, 
because somehow this conversation is completely missing the point now. :)

SSL allows you to be sure that your credit card number is getting safely 
and securely to the Web site identified by a certain domain name. That's 
all it does, but that is not something trivial. Are you trusting a 
domain name by trusting SSL? No, not exactly. You are trusting the 
system that I explained in great detail to ensure that your 
communication is reaching that domain name securely (not just 
encrypted). This is a significant thing, and it is a system that I have 
great respect for.

Everything else is no different than using your credit card at a 
physical establishment, so it's not really helpful to debate those 
points anyway.


P.S. - CA means Certificate Authority. C&A means Certification and 
Accreditation. The two cannot be used interchangeably.

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