I'm posting this ad for the company looking for a PHP programmer. I have no clue if 
the company 
is good or not. Do your due dilligence.


We are a Houston, Texas based company in need of 1-2 VERY GOOD AND
EXPERIENCED PHP programmers for 4-6 weeks to build a new web site.  This
project will be very exciting and involves many very challenging and
elaborate programming feature-sets.  ABSOLUTELY NO TELECOMMUTING.  All
programming for the scope of this project must be performed in our office
Monday - Friday from 8AM - 5PM Central Standard Time.  We would prefer
programmers who currently live in the Houston area opposed to programmers
willing to relocate to the Houston area for the duration of the 4-6 week
development period but we will consider all options.  This opportunity
could possibly lead to fulltime permanent employment following completion
of the initial development.  All experienced PHP programmers interested
should email Evan Esnard at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or call during
regular business hours at 832-264-1001.

The web site will include a MySQL database backend, e-commerce shopping
cart-style ad submission form on front-end with real-time credit card
authorization through CardService International, several other ad
submission forms on both front-end and back-end, and an extensive back-end
Web Admin Control Panel for us to control various features and components
of the web site.  We will be happy to share further details on the
feature-sets with any interested programming candidates for this project.


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