oh, mucho disagree-o.

i dunno, maybe the people who say that it will slow you down have HUGE 
projects, and HUGE classes with hundreds of member variables, but i use OO 
for all the DB interactions (i have a class with get, update, insert, delete 
methods, etc. for each table) and i think it works just fine.  i even wrote 
a script to generate those classes, so if the DB structure changes, i only 
have very minimal code editing.

maybe if you're holding hundreds of big classes in memory at a time, this 
could give you a problem, but even if a user is looking at a data set that 
has thousands of results, you're not going to be showing them all on a page 
at once, so you don't need them in memory....  just be smart about your 

even with all the data being in objects, and lots of those objects in 
memory, i don't see a big difference.

my $.02


>I have a medium sized project that I'm started in PHP and mySQL.  I think 
>object-orientated approach may be the best to reduce the amount of code.
>My question is if I'm using PHP should I even try to do it an
>object-orientated manner.  I've seen some posts that say that doing it this
>way will really slow down PHP and that if you're doing OO you should really
>do it in a language like Java.

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