Stefen Lars wrote:

> I think that the solution you offer is a great idea. However, in my 
> case, I may not be able to implement it as I, as the webmaster, do not 
> always get the chance to add '$next_query_string' to the a href. Some 
> of the cross-site links are added to discussion forums by the users.

In that case, it might be worth looking into Apache's mod_rewrite by 
Ralph Engelschall. However, being able to wrap this up cleanly in the 
way you are wanting is going to require some fairly sophisticated coding 
on your part. Someone else can maybe give more direction in this area, 
as you might have access to some API functions in Apache to where you 
could write your own PHP extension and at least stay within the realm of 
PHP. This is, however, beyond my area of expertise, so I won't try to 
offer suggestions here. I do think this is the right tool to research to 
at least get you started.

> May I asked what 'CDSM specification' is... I am not familiar with the 
> term. 

CDSM is just an acronym cross-domain session management. Sorry for being 
ambiguous. I hate when people do that. :-)

Happy hacking.


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