>LIMIT was not included in the SQL92 SQL standards and very few vendors
>implement all of SQL99; the use of ANSI standards to promote "portable"
>programs has always been beset by this kind of problems.

Wow!  There's actually an SQL99 that vendors are targeting, kinda sorta?

Hey, with any luck, but 2009, they'll all be SQL99-compliant, and we can
start all over!

Not that they ever all reached SQL92 compliance.

Oh, just in case people don't know.

SQL92 is named SQL92 because it was defined in... [drum roll]  1992

That's 100 years ago in doggie years :-)

Consider yourself lucky if any of your SQL is really portable without
jumping through hoops.

I do want to apologize for my month_view/monthly_views typo.

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