>has anyone met with this problem.. using IE to submit multipart forms. in
>text fields if there is "&" ... all text after it will disappear..quite a
>nuisance when submitting

You probably aren't using http://php.net/htmlentities as you pass data back
out to the browser.

Microsoft, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided that things like:

© don't really need the semi-colon to be HTML Character Entity
thingies, and &copy is just as good.  (Try it!)

Thus, if you don't use htmlentities to turn "&regulation require" into
"&regulations require", then MS has foolishly decided that "&reg" *must*
be the HTML Entity ®, and you're just forgetting the ;

You should be using htmlentities anyway, but it's quite annoying when
dumping data to the browser that MS does such stupid things with it.


Anyway, moral of the story:

*ANY* time you are sending strings out to the browser as data, use
<?php echo htmlentities($data);?> on the data part.


<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=data VALUE="<?=htmlentities($data);?>">

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