>One Form has a textfield, I submit it to another html site where there is
>another form with a textfield. Inside this textfield I place a hidden field
>with the value of the field from page 1 then I submit to the actual php site
>inserting the values into a db.

On the "middle" page, use "View Source" in your browser to look at the HTML
and your HIDDEN text.

I'm guessing that where you spit that HIDDEN text out, you are not using:



echo "<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=whatever VALUE\"", htmlentities($whatever),

>at this point I do insert the linebrakes (nl2br) but only the field from
>page 2 is really stored with linebrakes the other one is not. How come?
>Has anybody a good idea or even know how to do this?

You may also want to consider storing each page's worth of data in a
temporary table, kinda like a shopping cart, and then you only have to pass
the User's ID around to keep track of all their stuff.

I'll go into this more in the answer to your next question :-)

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