>Basically we have created a Software in Visual Basic.
>Now the software uses mySQL on the internet as
>Backend. However, our server does not allow Remote
>Host Connection, which means we cannot access our
>mySQL Database on the Internet by our Software on a
>local client. We need the mySQL Database on the
>Internet because basically everything will be
>available on a website later through PHP Pages.
>Now, my problem is how to connect to my mySQL DB on
>the Internet, via my Software, when my Server Company
>doesn't allow Remote Host Connection to mySQL.
>What is suggested to me is to place the Software on
>the Internet. I have no clue how to do that. Because
>if i place an .exe file on the net, it will just start
>downloading instead of running. 

*IF* your ISP is running PHP on Windows, you *MIGHT* be able to just upload
your .exe to the CGI-BIN directory and get it to work somehow through

But, really, your ISP is gonna be able to clarify this much faster than any
of us...

If all else fails, and this is really, really crude, you *COULD* build a PHP
script that would spew out whatever data you needed from MySQL, and you
*COULD* (I assume) get your VB program to read the HTML via HTTP, and then
you *COULD* POST back to the web-server from VB any changes and PHP could
process them...

This would be really ugly, but does satisfy the conditions I think you have
laid out...

>How then can i accomplish this? 
>The software feeds in Data in the mySQL DB on the
>internet, and then the PHP pages access the mySQL DB
>to show data to users on the Website. It's something
>like that. The software involves a lot of processing,
>decryption, conversion etc. to convert a .dat data
>into usable mySQL Tables Data.

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