I am using php4.0.6, and on this page
I found a mention of this error saying that it is because of changes in 
PHP4. However, I am using PHP 4 locally and on the test server and they 
both work.
Do I have to ask them to upgrade to PHP 4.2.0?? If that doesn't fix it I'll 
look stupid having asked that!

At 11:38 AM 7/9/2002, you wrote:
>I was using FastTemplates on my local machine AND on my personal server 
>and it all worked well. When I am uploading the code to my client's server 
>today, I get this strange warning whenever using FastTemplates:
>Warning:  Invalid content of \{\} in 
>/home/httpd/includes/fasttemplate.class.php on line 199
>I get about 50 lines like this.
>A google search shows other sites have had the same problem with 
>But a search on the php.net site didn't give any results.
>In the code, line 199 of fasttemplate.class.php is empty, followed by the 
>following code:
>         function utime ()
>         {
>                 $time = explode( " ", microtime());
>                 $usec = (double)$time[0];
>                 $sec = (double)$time[1];
>                 return $sec + $usec;
>     }
>I really am stuck: this didn't happen on my local machine or on my test 
>server, it's happening on the client's machine now and they are expecting 
>the site today and I have no idea what's wrong. We've had problems with 
>permissions on their server, maybe that has something to do with it???? 
>I'm no sysadmin and the sysadmin they use doesn't know much.
>Any ideas on what to do?? I really need to fix this asap - help!
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