PeterV wrote:
>> Warning:  Invalid content of \{\} in 
>> /home/httpd/includes/fasttemplate.class.php on line 199

You are on windows, aren't you? I remember seeing such a thing some two 
years ago. It vanished after php reinstallation. After that I did the 
right thing and had microsoft vanish from my life forever.

Anyway, it was something in the ereg that gets the symbols to substitute 
in the template. You should look there. But before you turn your HTML 
templates upside down do try and reinstall PHP. As far as I can remember 
everything worked by taking away the {} containers around the symbol 
(and in the ereg expression). Which is to say you should go thru 
thousands of HTML fragments. But really, it's been a long time.

As for version problems, I use FastTemplate since ages and never saw 
anything like that on a LinuxBox. Right now I am running the last 
version on the machine I am writing from. And FastTemplate runs with no 



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