I'm being asked you evaluate a fairly complex web project using the MS SQL
Server 2000 back-end.  A large application will be built, involving lots of
technical and financial information from multiple sources and types of sources
input daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  Reports will also be run daily, weekly,
monthly, etc., against this data.  All the data including input, views and
reports has to work well with a standard web browser client, although some of
the reports will be emailed to clients who use Blackberry PDAs.

I'd rather take more time with the specifics before committing to a single
technology but the client is asking which technology we'd propose before they
award the job.

At this point I'm leaning towards PHP as the solution (although to CIOs, I'm
sure 'Java' is still a sexier word than 'PHP'), but I'd like to ask for
general opinions on the value of PHP vs. Java (specifically Apache Struts-type
J2EE applications) for this kind of web-enabled application.

Thanks very much in advance.

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