I agree with the other reply to your question.
My thoughts could be summarized as follows:

- Java solution would be more expensive and involved
to build and maintain.
- PHP would be cheaper and quicker to build and

- Java would require more resources on your server.
- PHP is light weight and fast.

- Java is a mature OO language. So, if designed
properly, would be easier to modify and/or extend
- In my opinion, PHP is not a mature OO language. It
might get there sometime in the future. However, PHP
is very well suited for the goals it was designed for.

My choice would be Java. 
(Keep in mind that it will be easier to sell Java to
the corporate guys. Some executives shy away from open

Good luck!!!

--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I'm being asked you evaluate a fairly complex web
> project using the MS SQL
> Server 2000 back-end.  A large application will be
> built, involving lots of
> technical and financial information from multiple
> sources and types of sources
> input daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  Reports will
> also be run daily, weekly,
> monthly, etc., against this data.  All the data
> including input, views and
> reports has to work well with a standard web browser
> client, although some of
> the reports will be emailed to clients who use
> Blackberry PDAs.
> I'd rather take more time with the specifics before
> committing to a single
> technology but the client is asking which technology
> we'd propose before they
> award the job.
> At this point I'm leaning towards PHP as the
> solution (although to CIOs, I'm
> sure 'Java' is still a sexier word than 'PHP'), but
> I'd like to ask for
> general opinions on the value of PHP vs. Java
> (specifically Apache Struts-type
> J2EE applications) for this kind of web-enabled
> application.
> Thanks very much in advance.
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