>I have a problem with charset iso-8859-1.
>My configuration is : Apache 1.3.26 on MacOS X with PHP 4.2.1
>when I execute this script :
><? print ord(""); ?>

Okay, like, that character in there is not necessarily going to transport
well if you ever move this script to a different computer...

>I have result 142 which is the code of the macinstosh table and when i
>send it to my browser or in a email, this doesn't work.
>I must have the windows table where this caracter has the code 233.

Well, maybe, only that won't work on your Mac or a Linux box, or...

You *PROBABLY* should be using an HTML Entity if you just want this in a
single page on a web-site...

>I've added in Apache a "AddDefaultCharset iso-8859-1".
>I also made a ini_set("default_charset","iso-8859-1") But it doesn't
>change anything. It seems to change the 'local values' but not the
>'master values'
>I canno't change the value in php.ini because on MacOS X, there wans't a
>file php.ini

If there was no php.ini, then blame whomever installed PHP :-)

You can download a php.ini and put it where-ever <?php phpinfo();?> thinks
it should be, and it will work just fine.

Sorry I can't help much with the actual iso-8859-1 part -- I'm woefully
ignorant of charsets.

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