>When the nessicary include file is included it does a reverse-DNS lookup to
>find the remote host's DNS name. The problem with this is that is seems
>slow(at least on my test server with a DSL connection).

How slow?

There's, like, a couple seconds slow, which is just how slow reverse-DNS can
be, and *MINUTES* slow...

Minutes slow, most likely, indicates that where-ever you are trying to look
up the DNS records is trying to do a reverse DNS on *YOU* (or, rather, PHP's
web-server) and timing out.

If you have any control over that machine where you are doing the
reverse-DNS, be sure they have your IP address associated with a name.

For DSL, you can use something like http://dyndns.org to give your dynamic
IP address a domain name.  There are dozens of competitors to
http://dyndns.org, and feel free to shop around.

>I thought the best
>way to speed things up would be putting the entire script into a file and
>then using <img src="stats.php"> within the page. The problem is that I
>don't know how to output the image with PHP.

Like, I don't even understand the theory here...

How would the script being in a file (and where is it now?) make the DNS
lookups any faster?  I'm so confused.

At any rate, a sample of how to dump out an image was already posted in this

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