Brian McGarvie wrote:
> we should make a script that constantly emails him single characters and all of us 
>run it in a back ground process ;)

He is lucky we have all to much to do in our lives anyway :) But if 
anyone has got spare time... the guy's mailbox (unlike most russian 
public mail servers) *will* accept mail from a dial-up SMTP server 
having f**k.you (or whatever, just take the ** off and replace with 
proper coding) as an host name. I just happened to check ;)

Not that I was willing to. But we are having SMTP problems so I just 
send the mail from the SMTP rauuning on the box I sit at while the 
trouble gets solved.

Western addresses will get it (including our friend's address and this 
list) while my own address returns me the mail saying that "no, you 
cannot just login from a dial-up and pretend you were an internet 
server. Now your server is blacklisted" LOL

My 2 kopeki (cents). :)


LoRd, CaN yOu HeAr Me, LiKe I'm HeArInG yOu?
lOrD i'M sHiNiNg...
YoU kNoW I AlMoSt LoSt My MiNd, BuT nOw I'm HoMe AnD fReE
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is.......

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