Hello all.

  I have a site that was backed up, before the box was reformatted and
rebuilt. Apache and PHP were upgraded.  I have since resored all of the
files and DB's that make up my site. Now, in doing some testing, the html
forms are not passing variables to the next page. Specifically, these
variables are the databse name, and the infor to be insereted into that
database. My site uses frames, and it trying to pass the information from a
form on one static page (menu) to the main window to display results. This
used to work before I got the bright idea to upgrade.

 I have tried setting "register_globals=on" to see if that might help, but
it had no effect. Has anyone else had, or is currently having issues like
these? If you think you have any answer, please let me know. I will just
about try anything to make this work again.


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