FIXED !!!  Thank you all. I had to find out the path that PHP was looking in
to find php.ini file.

Thanks you all again!!!

"Hopp3r" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello all.
>   I have a site that was backed up, before the box was reformatted and
> rebuilt. Apache and PHP were upgraded.  I have since resored all of the
> files and DB's that make up my site. Now, in doing some testing, the html
> forms are not passing variables to the next page. Specifically, these
> variables are the databse name, and the infor to be insereted into that
> database. My site uses frames, and it trying to pass the information from
> form on one static page (menu) to the main window to display results. This
> used to work before I got the bright idea to upgrade.
>  I have tried setting "register_globals=on" to see if that might help, but
> it had no effect. Has anyone else had, or is currently having issues like
> these? If you think you have any answer, please let me know. I will just
> about try anything to make this work again.
> Thanks,
> RC

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