This is the logic I would use

count number of results
table rows = num results / 5    (maybe floor() or ceil() it)
read results into a 2D array
  fill column 1 first
  when column 1 fills up, reset row count to 0 and inc. col count
whizz through your array and display the table as needed


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I'm driving myself crazy trying to visualize what I want to do, so I thought
I'd share the insanity and hope for some advice.

I have this nice piece of code to take my SQL result and organize it into a
nice 5 column table:

print "<center><table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\">\n"; //start table

$i=0;                   //define variable - avoid errors
$grad_year="";  //define variable - avoid errors

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) {

        if($i=="1") {
                        print "<tr>\n"; //start table row on $i = 1

        printf("<td align=\"center\"><a
href=\"year.asp?year=%s\">%s</a><br></td>\n", $grad_year, $grad_year);
//print links

        if ($i=="5") {
                    print "</tr>\n"; //end table row on $i = 5 to get 5
                        $i=0; //reset $i

        $grad_year=""; //clear $grad_year


if ($i<5) print "</tr>\n"; //end any rows with less than 5 columns

print "</table></center><p>\n"; //end table

Now, this works great for most things - it takes my SQL results and puts
them in a table sequentially, from left to right, top to bottom. So in this
case, the top-left cell displays "1941", the top-right cell displays "1945",
the next row starts with "1946" on the left and goes to "1950" on the right,
and so on.

What I want is rather than sorting left to right, top to bottom, I want to
sort top to bottom, left to right. So the top-left would still be "1941",
but rather than increasing to the right, it would increase down, then
continue at the top of the next column.

I'm thinking this might be an easy thing to do with some creative use of $i
and print, but I just can't think it out. I'm guessing $i would be used to
limit the amount of items in a column... But, I'm in need of some guidance
to get it right. I can't even begin to think where to start. Any help would
be great - thanks!

Jason Soza

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