> be, but in my head it seems like it would work. Basically, what if the 
> while() printed multiple tables? In each table it made 5 rows, each row 
> with one cell in it, so it would then be vertical. I'm just not sure 
> how to incorporate into the loop (maybe a for() loop is better for 
> this?) incremental queries, so that the first loop pulls rows 1-5, the 

Basically, you'd need an inner and outer loop.  Something like
this should work (untested):

$result = mysql( $dbname, $query );

$numRows = mysql_num_rows( $result );

echo "<table>\n";
for( $i = 0; $i < $numRows; $i++ ) {
  echo "<tr><td>\n";
  echo "<table>\n";

  while( $dataArray = mysql_fetch_assoc( $result )) {
    echo "<td>" . implode( "</td></tr><tr><td>", $dataArray ) . "</td></tr>


  echo "</table>\n";
  echo "</td></tr>\n";

echo "</table>\n";

You may need to fool around with it abit, but that should work...


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