Note that this only hides them from "dumber", not "dumb" :-)

Your POST variables and such-like are all visible when doing "View Source",
which is not particularly tricky, even for the average bear.

The better way would be to use HTTP Authentication (search for it).

While this could still be "sniffed", and I'm sure some real geeks can manage
to snag their own username/password out of the browser's RAM, it's much less
visible to the average user.

If you also do that over HTTPS, you can guarantee that they will not be
"sniffed" in transit from browser to server.

>Use the POST method instead of GET for submitting forms.
>- wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>Is there any way to hide my form submitted variables (like
>>passwords etc)
>>in the location
>>bar "
>>or atleast show in an encypted form n the location bar.

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