>You know really anoying mailing lists that send you e-mail you don't want
>Wait... thats called spam... well...
>to unsubscribe all you have to do is send an email back
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] with the subject "REMOVE"
>Can this wonder process things like that ????


You'll might want to tie into Qmail in the, errrr, Qmail-equivalent of
sendmail.conf and add in your "unsubscribe.php" script as the "EXEC" (is
that what it's called?) for some kind of regex in your spam identifier.  I
only did something like this once, so have forgotten the details.  There are
a zillion examples with Perl, though, and there's no real difference from
that to doing it with PHP, except the filename ends in .php, not .pl, and
then the file itself is PHP and uses the PHP parser instead of Perl.

You'll need to put "unsubscribe.php" in the smrsh directory, and make it
executable with #!/path/to/php, the CGI (or CLI now) PHP version you
compiled the same way you compiled the Module, only without the --with-apxs

Or, perhaps, you'll want to re-direct *ALL* your email to PHP, and write
your own spam detector in PHP.

Or, perhaps, you don't have access to Qmail at all, and you could build
yourself a web-page where you paste in the offending email, with headers,
and then PHP does something.

I doubt the latter, but it's hard to tell from your question...

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