>I'm trying to do a little trick with my new site.  i have one main php 
>script, index.php which includes the header and footer scripts and the 
>page script between them.  the page script is determined by $page, which 
>is set to "main" if it doesnt exist already.  $page . ".php" is then 
>included.  I have one other page so far, "datetime.php".  I wanted to 
>let datatime run itself by including the headers and footers on its own 
>if it wasnt included by index.php.  so, i add this to the top and 
>similar code at the bottom (replaced header with footer):
> if (!$page=="datetime") // Not using index.php
> {
>  include("header.php");
> }

The !$page probably happens before the ==, so you are testing !$page (true
or false) being equal to "datetime"...

You may or may not want to use something more like:

  if (!strstr($PHP_SELF, 'datetime')){
    include 'header.php';

I personally, though, would have *three* files.

One, datetime.inc would do the work.
index.htm would include 'datetime.inc'
datetime.htm would also include 'datetime.inc'

I think this will be less confusing to you a year later when you have to
maintain this code.

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