>I just installed PHP 4.2.1. I am using a Redhat 7.3, installed as server
>with Apache.
>My problem is I can t compile it as a module for Apache :
>./configure --with-apache=/usr/include/apache
>configure: error: Invalid Apache directory - unable to find httpd.h under
>But hhtpd.h is really under /usr/inclu/apache
>[root@localhost php-4.2.1]# slocate httpd.h

PHP needs to find *both* the include files *AND* the "lib" files (.so) and
you only get to plug in one path to --with-apache (or --with-mysql or any of

In all cases, you want the path *ABOVE* the include/ directory -- You want
only the part that is common to both your "include" directory, and your
"lib" directory.

Probably just "/usr" in your case.

Don't worry about how "far" PHP has to "dig" to find "include" and "lib" so
long as they are *BOTH* somewhere under the directory you provide.

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