>I'm writting an autoresponder system in PHP. and I'm using wget in my cron
>jobs to process it. Is there a way that I can process incoming mail in PHP
>and call the PHP using a similar method?
>Basically I want to go through all the email messages checking if they are
>to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and if they are I would like to processes the mail
>body and subject line.
>I'm sure there are different languages to do all this in;  mmmm, Perl 5.0
>for example but I like PHP ;-)

If you are using sendmail (or qmail) and you have access to sendmail.conf,
do it just like Perl autoresponders:

Change sendmail.conf to have an EXEC (?) that calls a PHP script which must
live in smrsh directory and must start with:


You'll want to read "man smrsh" and "man sendmail" to get started...

This assumes you compiled PHP as a CGI (or CLI these days) as well as Module
for Apache.

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