>what does this mean:
>Warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output
>started at /home/.edy/alexross/bleen.net/forum/discussion_fns.php:88) in
>/home/.edy/alexross/bleen.net/forum/index.php on line 5

On line 88 in discussion_fns.php there is an echo or print or even just some
HTML, or *EVEN* just a blank line outside of <?php ?> tags.

That is "content" which PHP had to send to the browser.

Now, once PHP has to send content to the browser, it had to send all the
headers first, then a blank line, then the content.

Pretty much, that's why headers are called headers -- They come at the
"head" of the HTML, with a blank line in between.

Once all that went out to the browser, you can't call "header()" function,
because, like, the train has left the station.  You can still send more HTML
(jump on a box car) but you can't put anything on the front of the train. 
It's gone.

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