>I am thinking of moving PHP-based web site to a new server.  In doing my due
>diligence, I see that the new server has some different PHP configure
>I was able to make sense of most of them by looking through the PHP web
>site.  But I'm still stumped by some of them.  I'm hoping people here can
>tell me what they mean:
>--enable-libgcc: I found the 1-line explanation on www.php.net,
> but I'm unclear as to the implications of this option.  Can
> anyone explain?

I think it specifically tells gcc to link with the right thing, even though
that's what it's going to do anyway...

Unless you're using some really funky set up with weird things going on...

>--enable-pic: likewise.  What does this mean?

PIC has something to do with compilation issues...

I think you can almost always ignore this one.

>--enable-inline-optimization: ??

If your computer is a *REAL* dog and has no RAM and no swap space, you can
use this to get PHP to compile...

It will take *FOREVER*, but it will work.

Otherwise, the compiler might puke on you claiming you don't have enough RAM
or something.

>--with-regex=system: the online docs say this is deprecated.
> Could this cause me trouble?

YES!!! Big Trouble.

Your OS has a Regex built-in to it.
PHP has a Regex in it as well.
Apache has a Regex in it as well.
*IF* you forced Apache to use the OS Regex and not its own, and *IF* you
force PHP to use the System Regex and not its own, you just *MIGHT* be okay,
only you'll be using a Regex not quite like anybody else on the planet
trying to help you will think you're using, and a lot of third-party code
will break and some of the more complicated examples won't work, and...

Short answer:  Don't do it.

>--with-flex: ?

Wild Guess:
I suppose if you really worked at it you could put bison and flex and all
that crap into some really weird place where ./configure won't be able to
find it, and then you could use this to tell PHP where the hell you put

>--with-png: I know what PNG is, but I don't know hat this option does.

Tells GD that you not only want GD, but you want GD to be able to actually
create/manipulate PNG files.

--with-gd all by itself is useless.
(Okay "of limited use")

You gotta also say if you want PNG and/or JPEG and/or whatever else GD can
do this week.

Ditto for PDF and Flash and so on, I think.

You are kinda stuck using the same answer (Yes, I want PNG) for any packages
that have PNG as an optional plug-in...  I think.

It also lets you tell PHP where the hell you installed PNG, which is

>--with-layout=GNU: I see the explanation in the docs, but I don't know
> if this has any implications for me as a PHP programmer.

Probably not.  I never used it.
I think it just changes where PHP is going to install all the files it
creates when it's done.
If you leave it alone, you'll be the way most examples and tutorials expect
you to be.
If you mess with it, you'll have to "translate" any tutorials into your own

For all of these, leave them alone, and let ./configure do the usual, unless
you *REALLY* know what you are doing, or just want to learn some very arcane
stuff. :-)

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