>But I found nothing about a jobs mailing list. I'm really a Perl programmer and 
>we have jobs.perl.org which has a list which does a really good job. 

There used to be a nifty jobs database tied into php.net, but I think it was
not getting utilized well, and the original author ended up having less time
for maintenance than he'd hoped, and...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, scroll to the bottom of this link, which I
found by searching php.net for "Jobs" (whole site, not just function names):


I dunno about these days, but I would hazard a guess that Job Openings would
be kinda nifty, whereas people posting resumes would be pretty damned
annoying.  Just my opinion, and I haven't been back long enough to know for
sure :-)

As far as those plotting to *BUILD* a PHP jobs application, I'll throw out
some comments to the wind:

1. Since there used to be such a best on php.net, and it seems to have gone,
I can only surmise that PHP Developers are not *opposed* to the idea, but I
suspect they will be leery of repeating whatever went wrong the first time
around.  I'd hazard a guess that it was (1) lack of a dedicated maintainer
to develop it, and/or (2) lack of actual JOBS AVAILABLE postings.  You may
even be in a situation where it's more of a "you build it first and then
we'll believe it" from the PHP Dev team given the history...  THIS IS JUST A
Usually because the PHP Dev guys are just plain way nicer than I am :-)

2. This is a *HUGE* project you're suggesting.  *HUGE*.  If you don't have
real experience in a Project this *HUGE* you really have no idea what you
are biting off, and it's going to choke you.

3. There are a ton of "job sites" out there and some even let you plug in
"PHP" as a known technology, and some of those are even aggressively
managed/marketed by head-hunter-like industry people who are working this
thing to the bone.  What is really going to "drive" the traffic to the PHP
version?  I think the old one got few JOBS AVAILABLE, so got few Developers,
so never really took off.  It would be another MONUMENTAL task to take on
the duty of enticing Job Posters to use it.

Don't get me wrong -- I'd love for a really good jobs.php.net to exist with
tons of work for everybody (self included).  But really think this one
through before you start folks, and do some basic homework about why the
previous incarnation disappeared.

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