I'm slowly beginning to undrestand this, but please bear with a php novice.
When/how were the headers sent?  In other words, how do I know that they
have already been sent?

Thanks for humoring me

"Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> >what does this mean:
> >
> >Warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output
> >started at /home/.edy/alexross/bleen.net/forum/discussion_fns.php:88) in
> >/home/.edy/alexross/bleen.net/forum/index.php on line 5
> On line 88 in discussion_fns.php there is an echo or print or even just
> HTML, or *EVEN* just a blank line outside of <?php ?> tags.
> That is "content" which PHP had to send to the browser.
> Now, once PHP has to send content to the browser, it had to send all the
> headers first, then a blank line, then the content.
> Pretty much, that's why headers are called headers -- They come at the
> "head" of the HTML, with a blank line in between.
> Once all that went out to the browser, you can't call "header()" function,
> because, like, the train has left the station.  You can still send more
> (jump on a box car) but you can't put anything on the front of the train.
> It's gone.
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