Hallo folks:

I have a bit of an issue with Paradox Table Searching...
I have a fairly large table (4MB+), here is the problem:

When I run a search for an element in the Table on
my localhost which is running Apache and php 4.1,
I have no issues with speed...  However when I run it
on the Server at my work place, which is running IIS
Server (I am not sure which version), and the same
PHP version on my Workstation it takes ages to execute...

I have gotten suggestions and have revised my Script
over and over using odbc_exec() with SQL commands
SELECT myColumn FROM myTable, I have used
a COUNT SQL command suggested on this forum,
My general algorithm is as follows...

1)  I create an Array using odbc_fetch_array this Array
     contains one column from the Table I am searching...
2)  Keep trying to matchup each element in the array
     against the validation element being checked...
     returning found within a sequential loop...
     and eventually "Not Found"...
3)  I suppose the sequential loop is whats killing me,
      but the table is not ordered hence I am forced to
      do a sequential search..  Does anyone else have
      an idea for a quicker and much more efficient

Once again the issue of Speed is a non-factor on
my local machine running Apache but it does become a
factor when I run it on our Server, which is running an
IIS Server...

Thanks in advance...


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