Michael Hall wrote:

> Another PHP compilation question ...
> I've just compiled PHP 4.2.1 --with-mysql. I added no path to mysql,
>       --with-mysql=/somewhere/or/other/
> 1. Is this always the case?

        I though the documentation stated that all path variables need to be 
specified if it is outside your path. In any case I think even --with-
mysql may be optional nowadays (Isn't mysql compiled in by default). It 
is most likely should be set to /usr (RPM'd binaries) or /usr/local (
MySQL compiled from tarball)

> 2. Where would the path be likely to be on RedHat 7.2 with MySQL rpms?

        The easiest way to find this out is to check a RedHat phpinfo.php 
installation, you'd see that it is compiled as --with-mysql=shared,/usr. 
The "shared" part just meands that MySQL will be a dynamically loadable 
php extension instead of compiled in.

        Hope this helps,


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