On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Scott Fletcher wrote:
> Are you sure these newsgroup work?  I tried subscribing to it and got a
> response saying newsgroup server could not be found.  I didn't have that
> problem with PHP Newsgroup or mozilla.org Newsgroup.
> --clip--
> comp.os.linux.admin
> comp.os.linux.misc
> comp.os.linux.advocacy
> comp.os.linux.network
> comp.os.linux.alpha
> comp.os.linux.networking
> comp.os.linux.announce
> comp.os.linux.portable
> comp.os.linux.answers
> comp.os.linux.powerpc
> comp.os.linux.development.apps
> comp.os.linux.development.system
> comp.os.linux.questions
> comp.os.linux.embedded
> comp.os.linux.redhat
> comp.os.linux.hardware
> comp.os.linux.security
> comp.os.linux.help
> comp.os.linux.setup
> comp.os.linux.m68k
> comp.os.linux.x

Yes, they all definitely work. Remember that different news servers carry 
different newsgroups. Your ISP should be running a news server that 
carries all of the above-listed groups, though, as they're in the main 
hierarchy. Just ask your ISP for the name of its news server.

Alternatively, you can read them all in groups.google.com, though they're 
about 12 hours behind.


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