any one come accross this before...

down loaded apache 2.0.39  when I tried to install it as a service on win2k with php 
included in the httpd conf file as a module it was saying...

C:\PHPDEV\APACHE\APACHE2\BIN>apache -k install
APACHE: module "c:\php4build\snap\sapi\apache2filter\sapi_apache2.c" is not comp
atible with this version of Apache.
Please contact the vendor for the correct version.

but when tried to install php as CGI had no problems wot so ever...

now i'd prefer it as a module.. and have searched around thru php.ini httpd.conf and 
the like to find where it was referencing 
"c:\php4build\snap\sapi\apache2filter\sapi_apache2.c" but no luck... can't see it any 
where.. tried a search on google for module installation problems on this .. but no 

any idea's as to why?


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