PHP 4.2.1 does not support Apache 2.0.39.  You'll need to download a more
recent snapshot, and you will actually also need Apache 2.0.40-dev to get
it to work.

As you can tell, this stuff is very much in flux and is nowhere near


On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Peter wrote:

> howdy...
> any one come accross this before...
> down loaded apache 2.0.39  when I tried to install it as a service on win2k with php 
>included in the httpd conf file as a module it was saying...
> C:\PHPDEV\APACHE\APACHE2\BIN>apache -k install
> APACHE: module "c:\php4build\snap\sapi\apache2filter\sapi_apache2.c" is not comp
> atible with this version of Apache.
> Please contact the vendor for the correct version.
> but when tried to install php as CGI had no problems wot so ever...
> now i'd prefer it as a module.. and have searched around thru php.ini httpd.conf and 
>the like to find where it was referencing 
>"c:\php4build\snap\sapi\apache2filter\sapi_apache2.c" but no luck... can't see it any 
>where.. tried a search on google for module installation problems on this .. but no 
> any idea's as to why?
> Cheers
> Peter
> "the only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked"

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