I'm currently working on a system that grabs an image from a map server and,
using html layers, overlays where the products are.

Basically, this is how it's set up.

The map server is running on a WinNT system.

In the html code, I put am image tag that accesses the web server, passing
the x,y coords (formatted as x meters from some origin) and zoom level (plus
some other details). I then get the web server to access the map server
(this is to shield the map server from the outside world) and basically do a
fpassthru() on the data.

Meanwhile, the html doc has a layer placed over the map image. This layer
contains another image with just the products on it. I get php to generate
this second image on the fly by querying the database, filtering out all the
products that lay outside the image's area, then I plot the points onto the

Because there's a lot of other things that are happening on the page (due to
the client's requirements), when the user wants to zoom or pan the map, I
use js to update the images.

Hope that helps anyone out there.

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I was just checking it out.  That map is awesome!  What's funny is that it
even has an option to display the picture of a house at the coordinates you

Thanks for the compliment *grin*  I have no idea why I didn't.  Probably
just got lazy hehe  My only excuse is that I think vacation mode has kicked
in - even though it doesn't technically start until tomorrow evening.

Oh yea.... geesh, those silly top posters ;) hehe

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I don't know.  I have a feeling not, but hack away all you want and let us 


PS:  Ed, you're a bright guy.  Why not take the time to snip out the
majority of my post that didn't directly have to do with your comment?  
As if top posting isn't bad enough. :)
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