Are you really working with actual map coordinates that include longitude
and latitude?  

This seems to be a reverse approach to what I usually see.  From what I've
seen, you typically display a map of the united states.  Click a state to
zoom in.  Have the state map divided into sections, click the section to
zoom.  And just continue having maps divided into sections that the user can
click to zoom in closer and closer.

Using coordinates to accomplish this seems possible, but overly complex.
You'll literally be creating a 3D world and that means you'll end up having
to create coordinate systems for every single object in the world.  For
example, say you give coordinates and then have a 5 mile by 5 mile map
display centering on these coordinates.  Then each house falling within that
geographic boundry gets displayed on the map.  Obviously, it sounds very
cool... but incredibly complex.  It's just as easy to use the method I
described above to zero in on the geographic area and list houses within
that zone rather than draw pin-points on a map to show where the houses
reside geographically.  Especially when that geographic representation
includes things like other houses, streams, schools, etc.

My $.10

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Subject: [PHP] PHP and geographic maps

A client wants a database-driven site that records information about real
estate properties and includes geographic maps of property locations
(throughout the US). The client has seen a presentation of a
JavaScript-powered, Windows-only product that doesn't seem to fit well with
my preference for PHP/MySQL. I've been Google-searching info on GIS and GPS
and GMT, but thought it might be worthwhile to ask this discussion list for

Can anyone direct me to info on PHP presentation of geographic maps -- tied
to a database with locating coordinates?


Lowell Allen

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