John Holmes wrote:
> Not possible with HTTP, as far as I know. The file is simply sent,
> there's no communication back and forth.
> ---John Holmes...

That's from within a single script. But it becvomes possible if you have 
a page like this

!         +---+ !
!  main   ! c ! !
!         +---+ !

where main is executing the upload and c runs by metarefresh a second 
script that watches how the temp file is growing on the server. So the 
guy is right in his second try to it.

Sadly the $_FILES variables will be available only after the upload is 
completed, so in order to have that up and running he will also need to:

1) create a uniquely identified dir to which only that user upload will 
be sent (that's done when dynamically creating the upload form)
2) pass the dir name along to the monitoring script.
3) clear the directory on upload successful completion
4) periodically clear the amount of temporary dirs that have remained on 
the server as a result for process failures.

If all you do is managing file uploads all the time you might want to 
limit your number of concurrent uploads by creating a pool of TMP dirs 
that you will share among users. When they are all got your users have 
to wait, but you don't freak out because of an exponential growth of 
abandoned dirs.

It *is* complicated. But if you really have to do it... I wish you not 
to need it, anyway.



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