> From: "Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> A client wants a database-driven site that records information about real
>> estate properties and includes geographic maps of property locations
>> (throughout the US). The client has seen a presentation of a
>> JavaScript-powered, Windows-only product that doesn't seem to fit well with
>> my preference for PHP/MySQL. I've been Google-searching info on GIS and GPS
>> and GMT, but thought it might be worthwhile to ask this discussion list for
>> input.
>> Can anyone direct me to info on PHP presentation of geographic maps -- tied
>> to a database with locating coordinates?
> You mean something like this (incomplete) project:
> http://chatmusic.com/maplocater.htm
[big snip]
> Ya know what?  I've pretty much written all the tricky parts of this
> thing...
> You want to just license it or sub-contract me or something?  I could save
> you a ton of time.
Definitely worth considering, sure.

> How many properties are we looking at?  I've only got 1500 music venues in
> the database...
The system would need to handle a few thousand properties.

> The one tricky part is getting public domain maps of the regions you want.
> We may need to commission a graphic artist or cartographer to synthesize the
> desired maps...
I don't think that will be a problem. We're heavy on graphic arts resources.

Thanks -- I'll get in touch off-list to discuss working with you.

Lowell Allen

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