>> But keeping all that junk in the database as 2-D mapping would only be
>> needed if you're going to be providing driving directions and keeping all
>> the highways and all that crap that MapQuest keeps (I assume).  You almost
>> for sure don't need all that.
>It seems to me like they still need street addresses, unless they have a 
>database of the shapes of every private property parcel in the country.

If they plan to display *every* parcel as a distinct element, yeah, but as I
understood it, they just want the properties they are selling to "stand out"
on the map.

You wouldn't be using GPS to *outline* every single property, nor even the
properties in question -- The "outline" for any object at any level of a map
is hand-drawn by a human for the given map.

The GPS data tells you what's on the map and "where" the "dot" belongs, but
doesn't attempt to model the entire planet.  Modeling that much data for
such a "small" project (compared to e.g. MapQuest) would be silly.

This is "do-able" for a reasonable number of properties, but "impossible"
for doing every property when you want to scale up to something like
MapQuest size.

They're solving different problems, and I don't think the best solution for
both is the same.

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