On Saturday 13 July 2002 16:15, olinux wrote:

> I have searched the archive for a message subject
> something like "PHP Wish List" and was unsuccessful.

I doubt whether someone else's wishlist is of much use to _you_. Their needs 
are most likely different to yours.

> I am going to have our new server setup and would like
> to know which features should be enabled - I know a
> few that I will need, but what features should i get
> now that I will be requesting a recompile later on
> for?

Simply compile the features that you _need_ right now. Recompiling is trivial, 
so you can always add whatever you need, _when_ you need it.

> do excess features slow down php?

If they're not compiled as modules then most likely yes, as at the very least 
it results in a larger executable. Whether the slow down is noticeable, 
you'll have to benchmark for yourself.

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