> echo "<td bgcolor="$bgcolor"><font face=Verdana

Strings work differently when the outer quotes are double or single quotes.
Inside double quotes variables will be converted into their values.  Inside
single they will not.
$var = 'Hello World';
echo "$var<br>\n";

will result in
Hello World<br><newline>

$var = 'Hello World';
echo '$var<br>\n';

will result in
$var<br>\n  //actual two characters '\' and 'n' and not newline.

Inside double or single quotes, you can use the other quote:
$var = 'Hello "World"';
echo "$var<br>\n";
Hello "World"<br><newline>

$var = "Hello 'World'";
echo "$var<br>\n";
Hello 'World'<br><newline>

Your trouble is that you're using double quotes inside a double quoted
string and the second double quote that php encounters will terminate the
string. The next thing encountered is your variable $bgcolor, but that
syntax isn't correct.  php sees your string as three pieces:
1. "<td bgcolor="
2. $bgcolor
3. "><font face=Verdana size=1><b>$cd_id</b></font></td>";

So you could either convert the double quotes inside the string into single
echo "<td bgcolor='$bgcolor'><font face=Verdana

or escape the double quotes like this:
echo "<td bgcolor=\"$bgcolor\"><font face=Verdana

or you could concatenate the three pieces:
echo "<td bgcolor=" . $bgcolor ."><font face=Verdana

I personally like all of the tag values double quoted so I'd
echo "<td bgcolor=\"$bgcolor"\><font face=\"Verdana\"

When php parses the outside double quoted string, it has to do extra work to
convert variables.  I generally use single quotes unless there's a variable
or special char to convert (like newline).  It doesn't really matter though,
it's fast anyway.

If your using arrays inside a double quoted string, you need to help php out
and use special coding. This code won't work:
$arr = array('fish' =>'Tuna','reptile' => 'Snake','rodent' => 'mouse');
echo "$arr['fish']<br>\n";

This will work:
$arr = array('fish' =>'Tuna','reptile' => 'Snake','rodent' => 'mouse');
echo "{$arr['fish']}<br>\n";  // note the curly braces around the array

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