Welcome Nicolas,
=You didn't actually say what the problem was!
=Some have made suggestions, please also consider (below):

i'm new and i'm trouble with this code :'( can U help me please ??

this is the code :

while ($cd_tbl = mysql_fetch_array ($result))
$cd_id = $cd_tbl['cd_id'];
$cd_oeuvre = $cd_tbl['cd_oeuvre'];
$cd_chef = $cd_tbl['cd_chef'];
$cd_compositeur = $cd_tbl['cd_compositeur'];

<-------------------partie concernée--------------------->
//-Debut Seth
// desc : test de 'id' pour l'alternance de couleur

if(is_int("$cd_id") = TRUE)

=there is no need for the double-quotes in this statement.
=you should be coding equality (==) or even equality and type equivalence


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