You can find AIM/ICQ (Since some years ICQ uses the AIM protocol - OSCAR -
too, the only difference is one packet where the ICQ client identifies it as
an ICQ Client, not AIM) information on :)

I don't know anything about a PHP-AIM/ICQ project.

As server you can use or (both are the
same servers) and any port you want !

Spamsucks86 wrote:

> I'm interested in coding something in PHP which uses the TOC protocol to
> connect to AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Has there been anything done
> like this in PHP? I'm also looking for more information on the TOC
> protocol. I have the protocol specs, but it doesn't say where the server
> is to connect to (same server as normal AIM, possibly?). Anyone who
> knows ANYTHING about this, please help.I don't know much ;-) Thanks for
> any and all replies.

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