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> To say the minumum yor reply does not help in nothing.
> Who cares about privacy on my own company Intranet ?

1. I don't believe you specified this was a company intranet, but you may

2. Generally it's a good idea to get things right the first time, rather
than assuming that something will always remain in it's current state.  I
tend to copy-and-paste a lot of code from one project to another, or
assemble libraries of code.  It might be okay for you to say "this code
works for a limited environment, and i'm happy with that", but will you
remember this when:

a) you copy it across to another project
b) the status of the project changes or is extended
c) the project is no longer in your control

If you insist on sticking with this limitation, do yourself and your
co-workers a favour, and ensure you:

a) comment your code well, pointing out the limitation
b) do some minimal (at least) error handling to deal with the fact that it
may not be there

3. The reply WAS helpful, raised some important issues, and IMHO you should
have thanked the poster for being kind enough to point out issues you may
not have thought of.  You could have easily replied with "thanks for those
pointers, but I'm less concerned with privacy, since this is a corporate

I'm not sure I'd ever help you again, if I'd received a reply such as yours.

Justin French

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