I agree, I made a mistake on my last reply , and I apologize for that.

Thank you also for you for your coments, but my main question still open
without any related reply.

> > To say the minumum yor reply does not help in nothing.
> >
> > Who cares about privacy on my own company Intranet ?
> 1. I don't believe you specified this was a company intranet, but you may
> have.
> 2. Generally it's a good idea to get things right the first time, rather
> than assuming that something will always remain in it's current state.  I
> tend to copy-and-paste a lot of code from one project to another, or
> assemble libraries of code.  It might be okay for you to say "this code
> works for a limited environment, and i'm happy with that", but will you
> remember this when:
> a) you copy it across to another project
> b) the status of the project changes or is extended
> c) the project is no longer in your control
> If you insist on sticking with this limitation, do yourself and your
> co-workers a favour, and ensure you:
> a) comment your code well, pointing out the limitation
> b) do some minimal (at least) error handling to deal with the fact that it
> may not be there
> 3. The reply WAS helpful, raised some important issues, and IMHO you
> have thanked the poster for being kind enough to point out issues you may
> not have thought of.  You could have easily replied with "thanks for those
> pointers, but I'm less concerned with privacy, since this is a corporate
> intranet".
> I'm not sure I'd ever help you again, if I'd received a reply such as
> Justin French

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