Jason Wong wrote:
> On Monday 15 July 2002 03:55, Tim Luoma wrote:
>>Jason Wong wrote:
>>>This list gets at least one question a day on this subject ...
>>And there will be a lot more as people scan the web for example scripts
>>and find ones that assume 'register_globals' is set to on.
> Questions coming from those sources are partly understandable. 

It was confusing to me to wonder why from one day to the next the same 
scripts stopped working, until I checked the PHP version.

> What I was referring to was the particular case of "I've got an application 
> that was working perfectly using php X.XX, then I upgraded to php Y.YY and 
> now it doesn't work anymore".
> It is those people who should look before they leap and read before they 
> upgrade.

Quite right.


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